inspiring happy workplaces


pioneers. change makers.
risk takers.

we create irresistible learning & engagement programmes

From our happy place, we help businesses across the world to create theirs.

our clients mean the world to us

They're our partners, our friends.

They challenge, empower and inspire us to do great work on their behalf, to fulfil their purpose and create happy workplaces.


Together we push boundaries, pursue positive change and challenge the status quo.


As a result, through our many collaborations, we have achieved great success... and we've had a lot of fun along the way too!

they say
that variety

is the spice
of life...

...and it certainly has been for us!

Over the years we've been lucky enough to work with amazing, global brands in some of the world's most exciting industries, including: 

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Hospitality & Leisure

  • Retail, Hair & Beauty

  • Energy

  • Logistics / Supply Chain

  • Transport

  • Telecommunications & IT Infra 

  • Gaming

  • Manufacturing

  • Charity

  • Finance

  • Public Sector


Our vast experience, proven flexibility, and intellectual curiosity enable us to work across a variety of sectors.

our walk of fame

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the power of happy learning

Explore what some of our global clients have to say about us...

we inspire positive action

"Inspired actions, of all sizes, at all levels and across all areas of the business is what drives continuous, profitable growth."
- Jack Welch -

everything we do is carefully designed to inspire and enable your people to thrive

Or as we like to say, helping your people have that 'Friday feeling' every day of the week!

here are just some of the areas we put our hearts and souls into...

why we do what we do...


happiness by design